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German Shepherd Temperament

German Shepherd Temperament

While discussing about the breed of dogs named as German Shepherd, it is worth discussing about their temperament. Temperament of German shepherd is what make them the most amazing and top ranked dog breed in the world. Yes, it is true they are almost the top ranked dogs in the world according to the surveys. German shepherd temperament is not predictable if you are dealing with any cross breed with German shepherd. For now, let’s just stick to the purebred German shepherd temperament. If you are one of the German shepherd lovers then it might be in your knowledge about the previous history of shepherds.

To understand the German shepherd temperament, it is important to know about the ancestors and reason to get to know about them is quite obvious. Because we all are well aware of how genes are responsible to transfer the abilities and qualities of parents to children. Basically, German shepherd belongs the herding dog’s tribe. Herding dogs are quite aggressive in their nature and they are well known for their prey like habits and temperament. As shepherds are also kind of children of them so, it is quite obvious they would also have aggressive nature and preying abilities.

In general German Shepherd Temperament is not so bad to avoid adopting them as pet. Again, there comes some limitation in adopting shepherd as pet, might be concern about your abilities to control them. If you are new in shepherd’s world, it might be challenging for you. Challenging means you don’t know how to behave with them and how to train them etc. German shepherds are tall and strong in body’s point of view they are well known for their strength and loyalty. Loyalty is one of the most important factors which make them prominent. We will discuss about loyalty later in following section.

German Shepherds have made their journey quite long with forces, like police and army. The which makes them perfect for forces is German shepherd temperament. They have abilities to handle different situations from hard to normal days tasks. They can be your good companion or life if you want them to be. Orientation of them is totally up to you, how efficiently you train them. Because of roots from herding dogs, they are aggressive in nature. They can turn into insanity mood if any situation is not according to their expectation. To take services from them in field, they are trained in hard situations to handle hurdles in their way. They are excellent sniffers, they can track long path just from a light scent of thing which is to be tracked.

German Shepherd Temperament is kind of flexible, flexible in a way that they can be your friend and also enemy. This all is connected to their orientation and grooming, as well as your behavior with them. If you want them to be friendly with your family and friends, it is worth worrying concern to make them social to everyone. They can even play with your children, depending on how you trained them to be.

German Shepherd Temperament Confident

The term, German shepherd temperament confident is little confusing but not impossible to explain. Let’s have look at German shepherd temperament confident, what is really means is how much confident you are in keeping German Shepherd. But different people can perceive it accordingly their thinking. I would try to make both of assumptions as much clear as possible. Some people say or more precisely assume that German shepherd temperament confident means how you behave with your dog and how much sure you are about the temperament of your dog.

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German Shepherd Temperament Confident


It is not deniable that their strength is beyond assumption as human beings. They are fighter dogs, fighter in sense, they can drive their way in any situation. They are keen lover of their master. Assume you want to assume a dog say German Shepherd, what would you do to adopt shepherd? Quite obvious, you will find breeder and deal with him/her. And most importantly you will find about dog’s parents. Why parents’ information is worth finding? Answer lies in question itself, because you want to be confident about shepherd’s temperament. If you find about parents exactly then it would help you train them, to understand their psychology, to understand their habits, to understand their need of exercise, to understand their aggressive behavior and many other factors also. While training them, important requirement by shepherds is dominant owner or trainer.

These dogs are like carrying requirement list with themselves. When you fail to fulfil their needs and requirements, you fail to gain a relation of confident between you and your dog. If you wish to keep your dog as your home pet, important thing to assure yourself is how much confident you are about your dog’s temperament that your dog would not harm any of your family member, your friends and any stranger passing by them. These are almost all factors that defines your confident behavior about your dog.

Now let’s assume second perception of people, the term German Shepherd Temperament Confident is perceived by them how much your dog is satisfied by you. Obviously, dog’s satisfaction means a lot but this doesn’t relate well with term German shepherd temperament confident. Dog’s satisfaction means, as you look for some specifications in shepherds being most intelligent they(shepherds) also require a master which fulfil their needs. Needs like, provide them with enough space to roam around, provide them with fresh and healthy food, provide them companion to keep company with them. One of most important precautions to take is company for shepherds. They don’t like to be alone any time, if you are busy man you don’t need to be confident about their temperament. They can grow to be an insane animal, as they are alone they would not receive any orientation form anyone. You need to keep them busy as much as possible, because keeping them free make them turn into aggressive mood. I hope you find out your appropriate explanation about German shepherd temperament confident.

German Shepherd Temperament Loyal

German Shepherd Temperament Loyal

If you are well aware of German shepherds, while talking about them first thing that comes in your mind is their loyalty and strength. Their loyalty is undoubtable, and this is what makes them more prominent amongst other competitor dogs. Most of the people keep German shepherd because of their loyalty. They can even die for their masters or owners. Loyalty is inborn specification in them but you need to find out that their loyalty is for you not for others. How this can be done? This question arises here. Well now if we are talking about the term German Shepherd Temperament Loyal, then answer to this question is worth explaining here.

You probably know that it is strongly recommended by experts or breeders to adopt shepherd in his childhood. Reason to this restriction is quite logical, because with time as you would train them it would be easy for you to train them from their childhood. Science explains this factor, orientation of children is easier than mature ones. It is because of their extreme level learning ability, learning is quick like you teach them to react on some command they would adopt that command quickly and you don’t need to repeat that particularly training part. Childhood is so called learning phase so, you need to get the loyalty of child shepherd. German Shepherd Temperament Loyal, is self-explanatory. If you buy mature German shepherd, it is almost impossible for you to gain their loyalty because they had spent their childhood or so-called learning phase with someone else and they are loyal to that person not with you. It would lot of time and effort to earn their loyalty. So, don’t go through long path and just adopt dog in childhood and start training them. In some cases, it is also heard that they can even show their aggressive behavior towards their owner. This happens because of wrong orientation or if you buy mature dog.

No one can defeat German shepherds in case of loyalty. Being German shepherd lover, you probably know their journey with forces, and loyalty is the only basic factor which made them so perfect to come along forces. Once you have gained their loyalty, they can die for you. They are also well known to be the care taker of owner’s assets. You want to find out loyalty of your dog with you, design a scenario at your own risk, ask someone to be aggressive with you when you are with your favorite dog (German shepherd). Reaction of your dog will determine the loyalty of your dog with you. Again, there are some suggestions for you to consider before you let German shepherd to be your home pet. As said before find out personality of their parents which would allow you to be familiar with your puppy. Quite possible they can be cross breed with wolf or with any other animal. Because of crossbreeding their habits are unpredictable, if you buy dog without confirming their previous history it might be a worth worrying issue for you. So, lets hope you find out perfect companion for you.

German Shepherd Temperament Alert

German Shepherd Temperament Alert, falls into categories like you may have heard also, precautions to take care about before adopting shepherds etc. German shepherd temperament alert is just to make to well aware of any mis happenings in keeping the shepherd or to alert you about their unpredictable behavior. I hope everyone now reading this has enough knowledge about shepherds. Then what else I should tell you about? Well answer to that question would be explained in following section.

German Shepherd Temperament Alert


If you are reading this narration thoroughly then you might have noticed almost one German shepherd temperament alert is given in each perspective of narration. But why not just put them in completely different category. Let’s start talking about alerts about their temperament one by one.

Aside from getting information about their parents there are many other issues to worry about. Aggression triggering problem can be found in many shepherds around you, that is because of weak orientation and their ancestors. Weal orientation means trainer hadn’t socialized the dog enough to make him environment friendly. And ancestor here means, either the dog is outcome of two different breeds or belongs to parents from same breed. For sake of explanation, suppose you had adopted a shepherd which is cross bred and belongs to wolf mix breed of shepherds. You don’t know precisely which attitude your dog would adopt respective to his parents. Either he would go for wolf attitude or purebred German shepherd. In that case, you have to worry more about wolf part of your dog. Because any event not expected by dog can trigger their wolf attitude. And there is no need to tell you about how much harm that dog would be able to do.

One of the obvious mistakes that is often made by German shepherd owners is not providing them good company. Not good company means different in different cases, for example keeping them alone is just a common example. If you don’t spend time with your puppy then shortcomings you will face can account in coming around their aggressive behavior with you. Example which is commonly given in this narration is doing orientation of dog as home pet. It means you want your dog to be friendly with your children and other family member and also with stranger passing by or guests visiting you, but you are not giving proper time to your dog and also not socializing. Then how can your dog be social and friendly with you family and friends. To overcome this problem, you have to do following things, first socialize your dog with strangers again and again, by doing this your dog would be nice to every stranger passing by his side. Let your dog play with your children and family members but risk would be there for first time, you need to take care of that also. Allow your dog to do some roaming and exercise. It is said sound body has sound mind so this would also help in orientation of your dog.

German Shepherd Temperament Curious

It might be confusing to you what this term German shepherd temperament curious means. Well let me explain, this is curiosity which leads to get to know hidden and amazing facts about thins. May of you might perceive German shepherd temperament curious as the curiosity of one to know about the temperament of German shepherd. This is quite meaningful and obvious side of this statement, let’s explain this. One thing that I use to repeat is the personality of German shepherd, almost every dog lover knows about the qualities of this prominent breed. But some people just know that this dog exist and shepherd is very strong. Somewhere they have curiosity to know about the facts that are hidden about German Shepherd might possible they don’t know about that facts.

German Shepherd Temperament Curious


I hope you all have seen the cross breeding, and if you have curiosity either cross breeding in shepherds is possible of not. You might find it quite amazing that crossbreeding is prominent factor in German shepherds. People wish to have a dog with strength of one breed and look of another breed, this is done by crossbreeding. Many crossbreeding of shepherds exists like Pitbull mix, wolf mix and so on.

If you are curious in knowing either you can keep your shepherd as family pet or not. German shepherd can make a good home pet, and you can also find him as pet anywhere around you. But you need to take care of some precautions because with improper orientation you might find your dog quite aggressive and ready to harm anyone. So, don’t worry about this problem a lot. All you need to do is just get your favorite puppy and start training him to be what you want him be.

People might want to know about the aggressive nature of German shepherd, this breed belongs to the herding dogs. Many people like to use German shepherd for hunting purpose. They use their dogs for gambling and fighting. It is great business also to find out the required shepherd by client and provide them with dog to get money.

There are held events to show dogs, people from different areas come with their unique dog to show others to win the contest. These dogs are one of the most intelligent breeds ever known, because of their high intelligent senses they can fit into any given situation in small interval of time. Versatility is also in them. German shepherds are very carrying for babies if properly socialized in their childhood. They can play with your children and also keep them safe so that you won’t need to worry about your child if you are away for a while. There are many other curiosities need to be acknowledged as well. Some of them are explained here others are going to be explained in following section.

German Shepherd Temperament Obedient

German shepherd temperament obedient is worth discussing if we are discussing about the different temperament behaviors of German shepherds. All in all, they are very obedient to their owners. They behave like family members with them. This just doesn’t happen itself that you just find a dog obedient to you. It like fruit after struggle, means have to make your dog follow your dog by training.

German Shepherd Temperament Obedient

German shepherd temperament obedient behavior is also one of the most important factors that places German shepherds on peak of fame. You can also observe by yourself how obedient they are to their owners by just observing at different places. Let’s take example of forces like army and police force. Shepherds have made their journey quite amazing with forces. This was possible because of their obedient nature, to get work in field German shepherds are also trained according to their required task. You may have seen how they follow their keeper’s orders just in seconds they show action on commands.

You may have seen in real life or in any video how shepherds are playing with children, this is mentioned here for a reason. When they are playing with children, say with ball when child throws a ball and asks dog to get back that ball they act on command like they have been waiting to get some work. Instinct reaction is in their nature. This all talk belongs to the well-trained shepherd, it is foolish to hope that others shepherd would follow your order. This explains everything that only your dog which is trained by you or in your company, is obedient to you. Others dog can also attack on you if they are commanded to do so because they are loyal to their owner. They can also attack on each other if commanded.

Question here arises how to get you dog in German shepherd temperament obedient mood? All this is possible as explained at many places, you need to adopt small puppy not mature one because orientation of small one is easy as compared to the mature one.

Once you have owned your puppy next thing you need to do is just train them. Training guide is briefly explained above at many places but let’s just take a thorough look here also. As you know once you have trained your dog to get any work you want, then you won’t need to train your dog again. So be attentive now. Shepherds are energetic in nature so you need to use their energy to get your work done. Start training them by giving commands and make them to follow your commands. First you may face problems but you will get used to it believe me. Start from commands like sit down and stand up then move towards complicated commands like play with child and pick up the ball and bring here. These are just example, it is up to you how well you train them to be your obedient.

German Shepherd Temperament Watchful

German shepherd temperament watchful quality makes him a good guard. They have seen shepherds with police and army, then you may have also seen these dogs with guards. Some of you are living in building where you may have noticed that you watchman always carries a German shepherd dog with himself. The for that is, German shepherd’s senses are stronger and they can smell any scent from far away and also, they can sense danger around you. They can sense danger around you just by observing the surroundings around you. Shepherds can read human expressions, you might know that is one of his qualities. You might have observer when you are doing morning walk in your town and you are passing through someone’s house and you suddenly hear barking of some aggressive dog which is obviously shepherd. This happens because when you pass by the house they sense the presence of stranger by sniffing you smell. You might have heard they have big nose, well it is funny saying but true. They are good sniffers and can smell human’s scent.

German Shepherd Temperament Watchful

And German shepherd temperament watchful nature of shepherds make them the watchdogs also. As I said you may have encountered shepherd with your community’s guard because dog keeps guard active like playing role of third eye. Sometimes it happens your guard fell to sleep and when someone passed by him without permission dog starts to bark and I think it is enough to keep awake you community’s guard.

If you get a chance to visit village near you, observe that farmers and animal keepers are also using shepherds to keep their assets safe. With animals they are trained to be nice so that they don’t cause any harm to their animals instead of keeping them safe. This shows how they are used to keep safe livestock in farms. If any reader got chance to visit the farmhouse of your friend, you may have observed they keep shepherd for their safety because they don’t spend whole time there and can face any problem or burglary also. Usually it is observed that farm houses are built in forest like places where facing danger is not rare. You might come across any aggressive animal or dangerous man ready to robe you, and all these may happen when you are roaming around some forbidden place or on road which is not usual and even when you are walking around in forest like places.

Many people keep German shepherd as home pet and they serve the purpose of both guard and pet animal. Once they are loyal to you and you have gained their trust, it is not rare to say they can even die for you. When you are away from you home they are best watchdogs for keeping your house safe and intact. Our specialists can enable you to dispose of bats quick and in a protected way. Visit our site Oakland County wildlife control for more subtleties on both business and private bat expulsion.

Some aspects of German shepherd temperament watchful nature, I tried to explain here. Many other reasons are there to make them a good watch dog for you house, livestock and farms.

German Shepherd Temperament Courageous

German Shepherd Temperament Courageous actually means how fearless shepherds are. Their work is their proof of their fearlessness. To understand the courage of German shepherds we have to take a deep look inside the work activities of German shepherds. You all are well aware of work of shepherds with forces like police force and army. Both forces use German shepherds according to their need and get their work done. Now let’s take a deep look inside how shepherds work with forces and how they train them. First of all, as it is strictly recommended by experts that shepherds should be adopted in their childhood not in maturity stage. So, they pick German shepherds or any breed of German shepherds suitable for field and they start their training. In training the ability which makes shepherd a fearless animal, is polished and they are taught to follow any command by their instructor. They don’t work alone in field the instructor which have spent time with them in training sessions that persons are familiar with dogs and they understand well what their puppies are trying to say or what they need to be active all the time. Being energetic breed of dogs, German shepherds require proper healthy diet and exercises on regular bases, these activities help to be active and fresh all the time if there comes any emergency.

It is common observation that these kinds of dogs can be found at places where any robbery or other incident is occurred. They are excellent sniffer so their ability is used to track down the robber or any person which is linked to that incident. Sometimes there come situations when forces like army or police have to chase criminals so, they use their trained dogs to track down the way which criminals used to escape. Using sniffing attribute shepherd can easily find the place where that particular person has checked, they can track until scent is not disappeared. If dogs are properly trained and they have to attack the person or any animal if required, after receiving command dogs would not even hesitate to attack that thing even if their life is at risk.

Same thing happens when you keep shepherd as your favorite pet at home. German shepherd is best watch dog, excellent guard and highly intelligent also. You train you dog since their childhood they get used to you and they get worried if they don’t receive your company on same time. Their senses are too strong and they can even get the idea of situation by looking at the person’s face, which means they can read human expressions to some extent. This all is narrated is jus to explain you the courage of your shepherd, if you come across another dog suppose and that dong is almost ready to attack you and if you are with you shepherd, he would not even hesitate to protect you from other animal. Most important thing is they can do anything to protect you and your family, they have this level of courage.

German Shepherd Temperament Working Line

Last but not the least, an important factor needs to be discussed is German shepherd temperament working line. Why this factor is most important? One can get the idea that basic need to produce German shepherd breed was to get hard working tasks. They were first introduced in 1899 and their breeder was a captain names as Max von Stephanitz. Max von Stephanitz wanted to have a dog which could serve to perform vigorous tasks and also can protect family from any dangerous situation and can also serve as companion or home pet.

The basic goral, as you just red was to achieve a breed to get done difficult tasks. Germans shepherd temperament working line means which kind of tasks a German shepherd can perform. Some of you may misunderstand Germans shepherd temperament working line as how they temperament of German shepherds work but this is misunderstanding and nothing else. So, let’s have a look in some fields where German shepherd is serving his services.

Journey of German shepherds with forces like army and police is not hidden and explained above briefly so let’s just not waste time again repeating that whole story. Living with livestock and protecting the livestock from other animals is one of the popular jobs done by shepherds. So, you may a question that German shepherd is herding dog so, how they can tolerate with other animals. Let me remind you, you need to train them not cause harm to companion animals. To do so, you have to keep your German shepherd as a companion with other animals then he would get used to that situation. And shepherd will protect livestock with enthusiasm and behave as family member.

Keeping as pet is also working line of shepherds, well pet does not means performing difficult tasks but as a pet German shepherd would be your family member. You also know enough about German shepherd to keep as pet so there is no need to get to that topic again because explanation is given above. Your pet German shepherd can play with your children and protect them from trouble. They can play role of baby sitting somehow this is possible because of their highly intelligent brain and senses.

German shepherd can also be used in fight of dogs, I personally don’t recommend this activity but the reason I need to mention this field is because shepherd has been used to fight with another competitor. But this is whole insanity to make animals fight with each other and also illegal in some countries and areas. Because there are strong don’t use their energy for wrong purposes.

German shepherd is being used for years to do hunting, because they are from herding dogs. Their sense makes them good hunter and people use shepherd as hunting and campaigning purpose frequently.




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